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Multivariable Calculus Online

(supported in part by National Science Foundation grant DUE-9950600)


1: Vector-Valued Functions

1.1 Vectors in 2 and 3 dimensions
1.2 The Dot Product
1.3 The Cross Product

1.4 Lines and Planes

1.5 Parametric Equations
1.6 Velocity and Acceleration

1.7 Speed and Arclength

1.8 Components of Acceleration

Summary and Review



2: Partial Differentiation

2.1 Functions of 2 Variables
2.2 Limits and Continuity
2.3 Partial Derivatives
2.4 Partial Differential Equations
2.5 Linearization and the Hessian 
2.6 The Chain Rule

2.7 Gradients and Level Curves

2.8 Optimization

2.9 Lagrange Multipliers

Summary and Review


3: Surfaces and Transformations

3.1 Coordinate Transformations
3.2 Polar Coordinates
3.3 The Jacobian
3.4 Surfaces
3.5 Curvilinear Coordinates

3.6 Tangent Planes

3.7 DIFF GEOM: Curves on Surfaces 

3.8 DIFF GEOM: Intrinsic Geometry 

 Summary and Review



4: Multiple Integrals

4.1 Iterated Integrals
4.2 Double Integrals
4.3 Applications of the Double Integral

4.4 Change of Variables

4.5 Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates 
4.6 Triple Integrals

4.7 Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates

     Summary and Review



5: Fundamental Theorems

5.1 Vector Fields
5.2 Line Integrals
5.3 Potentials of Conservative Fields
5.4 Green's Theorem
5.5 Surface Integrals

5.6 The Divergence Theorem

5.7 Stoke's Theorem

5.8 Differential Forms

Summary and Review


Capstone: The Inverse Square Law

C.1. Uniform Circular Motion
C.2. Conservation Laws
C.3. Kepler's Laws
C.4. Satellites and Planets
C.5. Electric and Magnetic Fields

C.6. Maxwell's Equations

C.7. Special Relativity

C.8. General Relativity - An Overview




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Multivariable Calculus Online is adapted from the textbook Calculus: A Modern Approach by Kevin Shirley and Jeff Knisley.

Development of Multivariable Calculus Online was funded in part by National Science Foundation grant DUE-9950600.  


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