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Math Department Forms

The following forms will be required at various times during the pursuit of your M.S. degree in the Math Department:

  • Preliminary Thesis Presentation PDF PS (this is an internal Math Department form)
  • "Application for a Math Department Assistantship" form PDF PS (this is an internal Math Department form)
  • "Checklist for Math Graduate Students" PDF PS (this includes a list of tasks which must be completed to obtain an MS degree in math)
  • Schedule of graduate class offerings for the next few years (to be used in filling out your "Plan of Study" form) PDF PS
  • "Department of Mathematics & Statistics Rubric for Papers and Oral Presentations": Beginning in Fall 2012, a detailed analysis of oral presentations was initiated and required as part of a data gathering project. The following form must be completed by each member of a master's thesis committee following the presentation. The thesis committee chair is to collect the forms and deliver them to the department chair and provide a copy to the graduate coordinator. The form is currently only available in Word.

Important Dates
For important dates, check out the Graduate Schools list of dates.

Interdisciplinary Work
Recently, Math Department graduate students have enjoyed a degree of success doing their thesis research on a topic which includes math as well as a related area. Examples include:
  1. Optimization Problems in Hilbert Space with POSS Complexes, by John Corn. This is thesis codirected by members of the Math Department (Bob Gardner) and the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geology (Frank Hagelberg). This combined math, physics, and quantum chemistry.
  2. Methods for the Analysis of Developmental Respiration Patterns, by Justin Peyton. This is a thesis codirected by member of the Math Department (Edith Seier) and the Department of Biological Sciences (Karl Joplin). This combined a number of areas of math (statistics, numerical analysis, splines, regression) and biology (respiration in the pupation of fly larvae).

The ETSU math graduate program has enjoyed a high degree of diversity. Recently (since 2007) we have had:
  • graduate students from Nepal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Mexico, Iran, Jamaica/Canada, Costa Rica, Ukraine, China, and Bangledesh,
  • African American students (both male and females) and Native American students,
  • students with undergraduate degrees from Michigan, Maryland, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Missouri (though, most of our domestic graduate students are from either Tennessee or Virginia).

Last updated: March 8, 2020.

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